Gifts For Photographers

Just For Fun:  Special Gifts for the Photo Geek in Your Life

Christmas is right around the corner and if you are looking for some last minute gifts for the photo geek in your life, look no further.  I’ve scoured the internet seeking out some of the cutest, coolest, and/or most fun gifts for the photography geek in your life.  Oh...and did I mention they are pretty inexpensive too?

1. The Camera Lens Mug -

I received this mug for a gift a few months ago and let me tell you...I LOVE this mug.  I get complements on it everywhere I take it and most people don’t realize that it is actually a coffee mug on first glance.  Back when I got it, they didn’t have the Nikon mug (it actually zooms) so I ended up with the Canon one instead.  My only complaint with the Canon one is that it is a little small to be an “everyday” travel mug for me.  (Did I mention I’m a coffee-addict photo geek?)

So, my recommendation?  Get the Nikon one for your coffee addict friends and save the Canon one for your tea drinking photo friends.  They will love you for it!

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2.  Scott Kelby's Digital Photography Boxed Set, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 -

I have not gotten around to reading the third volume yet, but volumes 1 and 2 were invaluable to me when I was learning how to shoot photos.  Kelby gives step by step instructions on how to get certain shots and gives you a good understanding of features on the camera without having to read a HUGE book on photography.

This books can be purchases ala carte from or your local bookstore if you are looking for a cheaper gift, but believe me, unless you are gifting for a professional photog, these books are invaluable for the novice or occasional shooter.

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3.  Wireless Shutter Remote - B&H Photo (

I don’t know what I’d do without my wireless shutter remote.  I have the one listed on  B&H Photo and I couldn’t be happier.  And at $15 it is a steal!  This remote has come in handy so many times when people have said, “I wish you could be in the photo!”  Also, it helps eliminate a little more of the camera shake, helping to further achieve those “tack sharp” images everyone wants.

They make varying ones for Canon and other DSLRs, but here is the link to my Nikon one.  Trust won’t be disappointed!  (insert image for B&H and link here:

4.  Fun Photo Frames - and other places

I have a special place in my heart for Polaroid film.  Every time I see a polaroid I’m reminded of my dad and the snapshots he used to take of me and my sister when we were kids.  My sister and I would sit there and be mesmerized as the film literally developed right in front of our eyes.  It never got old for me. I was saddened to hear they were ceasing production on the film and delighted by the new movement to bring it back.  I just checked on e-bay the other day and man it is still really expensive!  So why not bring the fun of polaroids back with these fun photo frames from  Simply drop a photo into the frame then stick it where ever you choose.  Best part?  They even support dry erase markers so you can caption your photos and then erase the captions when you change out the pictures.

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5.  Flickr Pro Account -

What better way to show your photo geek friend you care than by getting them a one year subscription to Flickr?  Flickr is an online community for showing off your photography and communicating with other photography people around the world.  There is a free account, but giving someone a Pro Account allows them unlimited uploads per month, thus they can share more of their pictures.

I love my Flickr account.  My first pro account was given as a gift and I’ve renewed it every year since then.  And at $24.95, how can you go wrong for a gift they can use year round?

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See, gifts for the photo geek in your life don’t have to be expensive.  You just have to know where to look.

Happy Christmas!