Photography Guides

We have put together a set of guides to help everyday people use their cameras to get better pictures.  These guides are not going to be aimed at professionals.  Some guides will be step-by-step with particular equipment or software; other guides will be general theory, method or style.

Who are we?

Clarissa Rodda is a part time professional photographer.  She does special events (such as weddings) and can be contracted for out of studio work. She enjoys adding artistic elements to the classic photography using post processing techniques and creative equipment arrangements.

Tim is the regular author for this site.  He experiments and test processes for digital photography and has more than 20 years experience with SLRs. His primary subjects in photography are nature and architecture. 

Expect random input from others down the line...

Let us get started. 

Basic Guides:

    What is a DSLR?

    Buying Guide

    Introduction to photography

        Detailed aperture guide

        Detailed exposure guide

        Detail ISO (ASA) guide

Advanced Post Processing:

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging