Yes, the cliche of wood working.  The bookshelf.  You can't pick up a wood working magazine or watch a TV series without 10 'new' bookshelves.

This was like many, a piece out of need.  My son had a overpriced cardboard Target special that, like all Target junk, became a safety hazard in a toddlers room.   This is part of the bed room set with his loft bed.

Basic bookshelf.  White pine with poplar faces.

The backing is pine wall paneling.  Comes in a 4' x 8' sheet.  Already has the grooved pattern and is sanded to a finish ready surface.  Looks a bit nicer than plain plywood and will hide dents better.

A little router work to enhance the look of the otherwise plain solid pine verticals. The second shelf (from the bottom) is inverted.  The face board extends up over the shelf creating a lip.  This prevents toys and plaques from falling of the front.